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Amazon wins patent case against Rovi

Silicon Valley satellite patent office delayed

US Supreme Court to hear Teva case on MS drug

Mississippi creates law to protect university IP

Novartis files suit in India against Biocon Ltd.

Minister for Intellectual Property promises stronger IP enforcement in UK

Korea joins Hague Agreement

US Supreme Court seems unlikely to create radical new patent guidelines for software

Microsoft and Dell enter patent licensing agreement

Apple wins Japanese patent trial against Samsung in ongoing battle

Indigenous representatives speak on traditional knowledge at WIPO

Ineos sues China's state-owned oil refinery for IP infringement

Sen. Udall introduces bill to improve DOE tech transfer

Penn State to auction intellectual property

Pfizer to appeal patent reissue denial

Imperial Tobacco Group unit suing e-cigarette companies

Russian Intellectual Property Rights Court experiences huge case volume

Details of Twitter-IBM patent deal revealed

Pictures of food and chefs' intellectual property

Oman prepares to appoint IP inspectors

US removes Israel from IP watch list

Apple sues China government agency over Siri dispute

Ford dealing with two lawsuits alleging patent infringement

U.S. Supreme Court sets record for IP cases in coming year

Apple, Samsung, others urge new EU patent court to clarify injunction procedures

India may go before WTO over possible US sanctions

Obama Administration takes steps to improve patents

Chinese IP violations becoming easier to address

Game developer trade group objects to Ltd trademark application

3D printing will cost billions in IP infringement

Harper Lee suit against Ala. museum to proceed

New ICANN web domains could cause IP issues

Nokia settles all patent disputes with HTC through licensing deal

USTR announces "notorious markets" for IP infringement in 2013

Controversy over cultural IP protection in South Africa

UAE and South Korea to collaborate to improve intellectual property protections

The role of intellectual property in fashion

Google and Cisco enter licensing deal

Imax embroiled in IP dispute with Chinese big-screen companies

Twitter buys IBM patents

Stolen software costs U.S. manufacturing billions

Judge allows Costco to proceed with generic "Tiffany setting" argument

Wisconsin clinic joins Healthcare Innovation Alliance tech transfer network

Academic publisher Elsevier sends takedown notices to universities

Cochlear loses intellectual property lawsuit

Supreme Court rules on Medtronic case

Fox's "New Girl" charged with plagiarism, IP theft

Chinese Ministry of Public Security reports 60,000 IP arrests in 2013

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge set up companies to protect their IP

Judge refuses to reduce $1.17 billion verdict in Carnegie Mellon patent verdict

3 US companies in top 10 list for patents filed in 2013

Boston University to receive licensing fees to settle patent infringement suit

ASU to collaborate with Department of Defense on tech transfer program

Appeals court rules Apple did not infringe Google patent

NCSU tech transfer office partners with HQ Raleigh

USPS has no intellectual property strategy

2013 fourth consecutive record year for utility patents granted

Eolas Technologies Inc. claims Google infringes its IP

Microsoft-Nokia deal raises IP concerns in China

Sherlock Holmes not under US copyright, judge rules

US Trade Representative pushes China on online piracy

Tesla goes nameless in China over trademark dispute

U.S. Copyright Office supports droit de suite

Brookings Institute report considers university tech transfer possibilities

WIPO delegates, NGOs discuss IP exceptions for libraries

NASA unveils tech transfer database

3-D printing poses an intellectual property challenge

WIPO report released

YouTube's Content ID system causes issues

Beastie Boys file suit against toy company

TPP delayed until 2014

NASA and Maryland enter tech transfer agreement

Copyright industries bolster US economy

Intellectual property and the California economy

Annual IP5 Statistics Report released

Space station research raises IP concerns

Hackers pose IP threat, according to Symantec head

House to vote on Innovation Act

Largan Precision Co. suing Samsung Electronics Co. for patent infringement

The importance of U.S. copyright industries

Elvis intellectual property rights sold

New Mexico universities, national labs discuss tech transfer programs

Google book search ruled fair use

Apple spends $200M annually on patent lawsuits against Android

UW-Madison to open tech transfer program

Growing importance of IP spurs new law school courses

Photographer awarded $1.6 million in actual damages in copyright suit

Rockstar files suits against Google, Android manufacturers

StemCells, Inc. acquires patent portfolio

Twitter's IPO marred by infringement claims from IBM

More groups ask Congress to address patent assertion entities

WIPO industrial design treaty still in the works

Fair use in the digital age

HP to sell its mobile patent portfolio

WiLAN considers selling itself

MPAA highlights hotspots for IP infringement

New enterprise development adviser at Johns Hopkins discusses tech transfers

Innovation Act of 2013 garners support, concerns

Using intellectual property as security for business financing

Creative Commons issues formal statement on copyright law

China could transform its IP reputation

Patent scarcity could hinder Twitter's IPO hopes

The cost of protecting intellectual property in the digital age

The role of intellectual property in entrepreneurship

Research ties patent surge to green tech innovations

Determining the line in academic intellectual property

University of Michigan reports record number of inventions, many tech transfers for FY 2013

Diligent IP management keeps innovation on track

Court confirms valuation in Wi-Fi patent licensing case