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This year's World Intellectual Property Day focuses on movies

Candy Crush Saga company resolves two trademark fights

Intellectual property ownership and business relationships

Massive open online courses raise intellectual property questions

Does the US Sanctions Program impact your intellectual property?

Eli Lilly brings Canadian intellectual property woes to US

Roche Holding AG finds two of its patents overruled

Purdue partners with Colombian university for tech transfer

Nokia can sell its business to Microsoft with no patent changes, Chinese regulators rule

Amazon wins patent case against Rovi

Silicon Valley satellite patent office delayed

US Supreme Court to hear Teva case on MS drug

Mississippi creates law to protect university IP

Novartis files suit in India against Biocon Ltd.

Minister for Intellectual Property promises stronger IP enforcement in UK

Korea joins Hague Agreement

US Supreme Court seems unlikely to create radical new patent guidelines for software

Microsoft and Dell enter patent licensing agreement

Apple wins Japanese patent trial against Samsung in ongoing battle

Indigenous representatives speak on traditional knowledge at WIPO

Ineos sues China's state-owned oil refinery for IP infringement

Sen. Udall introduces bill to improve DOE tech transfer

Penn State to auction intellectual property

Pfizer to appeal patent reissue denial

Imperial Tobacco Group unit suing e-cigarette companies

Russian Intellectual Property Rights Court experiences huge case volume

Details of Twitter-IBM patent deal revealed

Pictures of food and chefs' intellectual property

Oman prepares to appoint IP inspectors

US removes Israel from IP watch list

Apple sues China government agency over Siri dispute

Ford dealing with two lawsuits alleging patent infringement

U.S. Supreme Court sets record for IP cases in coming year

Apple, Samsung, others urge new EU patent court to clarify injunction procedures

India may go before WTO over possible US sanctions

Obama Administration takes steps to improve patents

Chinese IP violations becoming easier to address

Game developer trade group objects to Ltd trademark application

3D printing will cost billions in IP infringement

Harper Lee suit against Ala. museum to proceed

New ICANN web domains could cause IP issues

Nokia settles all patent disputes with HTC through licensing deal

USTR announces "notorious markets" for IP infringement in 2013

Controversy over cultural IP protection in South Africa

UAE and South Korea to collaborate to improve intellectual property protections

The role of intellectual property in fashion

Google and Cisco enter licensing deal

Imax embroiled in IP dispute with Chinese big-screen companies

Twitter buys IBM patents

Stolen software costs U.S. manufacturing billions

Judge allows Costco to proceed with generic "Tiffany setting" argument

Wisconsin clinic joins Healthcare Innovation Alliance tech transfer network

Academic publisher Elsevier sends takedown notices to universities

Cochlear loses intellectual property lawsuit

Supreme Court rules on Medtronic case

Fox's "New Girl" charged with plagiarism, IP theft

Chinese Ministry of Public Security reports 60,000 IP arrests in 2013

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge set up companies to protect their IP

Judge refuses to reduce $1.17 billion verdict in Carnegie Mellon patent verdict

3 US companies in top 10 list for patents filed in 2013

Boston University to receive licensing fees to settle patent infringement suit

ASU to collaborate with Department of Defense on tech transfer program

Appeals court rules Apple did not infringe Google patent

NCSU tech transfer office partners with HQ Raleigh

USPS has no intellectual property strategy

2013 fourth consecutive record year for utility patents granted

Eolas Technologies Inc. claims Google infringes its IP

Microsoft-Nokia deal raises IP concerns in China

Sherlock Holmes not under US copyright, judge rules

US Trade Representative pushes China on online piracy

Tesla goes nameless in China over trademark dispute

U.S. Copyright Office supports droit de suite

Brookings Institute report considers university tech transfer possibilities

WIPO delegates, NGOs discuss IP exceptions for libraries

NASA unveils tech transfer database

3-D printing poses an intellectual property challenge

WIPO report released

YouTube's Content ID system causes issues

Beastie Boys file suit against toy company

TPP delayed until 2014

NASA and Maryland enter tech transfer agreement

Copyright industries bolster US economy

Intellectual property and the California economy

Annual IP5 Statistics Report released

Space station research raises IP concerns

Hackers pose IP threat, according to Symantec head

House to vote on Innovation Act

Largan Precision Co. suing Samsung Electronics Co. for patent infringement

The importance of U.S. copyright industries

Elvis intellectual property rights sold

New Mexico universities, national labs discuss tech transfer programs

Google book search ruled fair use

Apple spends $200M annually on patent lawsuits against Android

UW-Madison to open tech transfer program

Growing importance of IP spurs new law school courses

Photographer awarded $1.6 million in actual damages in copyright suit

Rockstar files suits against Google, Android manufacturers

StemCells, Inc. acquires patent portfolio

Twitter's IPO marred by infringement claims from IBM

More groups ask Congress to address patent assertion entities

WIPO industrial design treaty still in the works

Fair use in the digital age

HP to sell its mobile patent portfolio

WiLAN considers selling itself

MPAA highlights hotspots for IP infringement

New enterprise development adviser at Johns Hopkins discusses tech transfers

Innovation Act of 2013 garners support, concerns

Using intellectual property as security for business financing

Creative Commons issues formal statement on copyright law

China could transform its IP reputation

Patent scarcity could hinder Twitter's IPO hopes

The cost of protecting intellectual property in the digital age

The role of intellectual property in entrepreneurship

Research ties patent surge to green tech innovations

Determining the line in academic intellectual property

University of Michigan reports record number of inventions, many tech transfers for FY 2013

Diligent IP management keeps innovation on track

Court confirms valuation in Wi-Fi patent licensing case

Supreme Court will consider fee awards in patent suits

Domain registration spending on the rise, in dispute

IP-intensive industries generate 1 in 3 EU jobs

FTC intent on investigating patent assertion entities

Mayo Clinic joins AZ tech transfer program

Research underscores current concentration of US patent cases

Pandora licensing victory keeps music catalog available

BB&T seeks assistance of business method review program

IP oversights could compromise startup branding

Patent licensing deal helps Honeywell seal acquisition

Patent geography can describe global economy

Research casts doubt on emerging copyright enforcement strategies

Research highlights unexpected role of IP in natural gas industry

Court finds fault with Motorola's patent licensing tactics

Ohio college extends the reach of technology transfer resources

Acquisition, licensing agreements strengthen Microsoft-Nokia bond

Professor, medical historian targets Bayh-Dole reforms

New Zealand officially bans software patents

Smartphone wars informing new patent strategies, research confirms

Harvard professor challenging copyright enforcement protocol

Copyright quandaries shadow 3-D innovations

New Mexico legislators weigh broad tech transfer reforms

Pharmaceutical firm navigates unique patent defense

American pharmaceutical firm benefits from strengthened IP protection in China

Copyright-intensive businesses yield boardroom benefits

White House IP enforcement coordinator steps down

View trade secrets through the eyes of the court

AUTM previews economic impact of technology transfer

Vilification of biological patents could be shortsighted

Google opens patent portfolio for greater good

Leading YouTube partner weathers copyright criticism

Western pharmaceutical companies frustrated by Indian patent system

White House vetoes ITC decision, spares Apple devices

Intellectual assets reclassified as fixed investments in latest GDP calculations

Decentralizing domestic innovation with improved university engagement

Tech giants embittered by USPTO sequestration proposals

Dish Network affirmation could expand ad-skipping strategies

Creative content leaders air copyright grievances to Congress

Latest Congressional proposal eyes extension of business method patent review program

Federal Circuit Advisory Council targets excessive patent claims

Senator compels NIH to intervene on gene patent licensing

Invention disclosure increase highlights university's innovation agenda

Contract oversight leads to unexpected loss of licensing revenue

Research confirms consumer impact of pay-for-delay patent strategy

Early trademark registration preferable, but not always essential

Microsoft transplant could accelerate Zynga's patent strategy

GSA stalls search for permanent Silicon Valley patent office

Global Innovation Index underscores different paths to progress

Literary copyright climate may contradict consumer interests

Energy, chemical companies worry EPA provision could compromise trade secrets

Trade secret theft stirs private, public sectors

Revamped ICANN registration could curb piracy

USPTO review cited in dismissal of medical device infringement suit

TV streaming startups still deflecting copyright controversies

ITC pilot program could promote more efficient infringement resolutions

Legislators look to spare USPTO from sequestration

Asking the right questions prior to invention disclosure

Report links copyright ownership to business health

FTC launching patent litigation probe

BuzzFeed photo dispute illuminates digital copyright issues

Report: 2012 left indelible marks on patent landscape

Royalty management under review for Electronic Arts

Pay-for-delay patent strategy now open to antitrust scrutiny

Digital copyright management tests authors' business savvy

SAP wins first business method patent review under AIA

Supreme Court rejects patentability of 'naturally occurring' DNA

Patent harmonization on the minds of IP5

TiVo settles patent litigation, disappoints investors

Copyright cooperation leads World Creators Summit discussions

White House wants to eradicate exploitative IP management tactics

Infringement ruling prompts limited iPhone sales ban

Invention disclosure confusion could shutter online retailer

Trademark management carries financial and reputational costs

Trademark management must extend to online outlets

Colorado host to student-led innovation once again

Selective application key to trade secrets management

US told to get tough on trade secrets management

Copyright management questions follow Yahoo's Tumblr acquisition

Medical patent licensing dispute will inform burden-of-proof debates

Intellectual property tracking insures companies, ensures ROI

Patent management principles translate from mobile to green tech

Patent software, consultancy lead IP investment priorities

SMB patent management concerns reach Capitol Hill

Courts could soon set standards-essential royalty rates

Patent pools' commercial effects called into question

Copyright reforms develop new edge in Congress

IP awareness critical amid complex security climate

Motorola patent licensing practices draw EC antitrust opinion

NASA confirms latest tech transfer ambitions

Report: Informed copyright policy demands stronger data

Senator's proposal could reshape patent dispute processes

USTR report identifies risky trade partners

US patent managers evolving international strategies

Patent portfolio reflects Groupon's maturation

Microsoft, ZTE reach strategic patent licensing agreement

Copyright loophole traps online music player

Life science firms optimistic for EU patent reform

Copyright claims stalk Dish Network's multiscreen ambitions

AIA growing pains trigger patent litigation spike

Patent licensing continues to define Microsoft's mobile revenue

Rackspace hoping inter partes review sinks frivolous patent dispute

Study: Experience a priceless part of trademark registration

Apple plays defense in patent licensing deal

WIPO research highlights efficiency of patent dispute alternatives

Researchers question cause of rising patent allowance rates

Copyright ruling could cripple digital resale platform

Online TV innovator wins key copyright victory

Mobile tech to dominate US patenting in 2013

Indian patent ruling could impact global pharmaceutical distribution

Google promises peaceful intentions for its open source patents

Court sides with AP in online media licensing dispute

Research highlights new ethical dilemmas for gene patents

Rulings shed light on copyright safe harbor dynamics

Pallante plots next great copyright act

Colorado senator files inquiry on tech transfer progress

Foreign governments developing patent acquisition plans

Supreme Court dismisses 'geographically limited' first-sale interpretations

Auditing patent portfolios sparks smarter strategies

Patent management, not saturation slowing innovation

3D printing upstart could create copyright haven

Amazon copyright strategy draws ire of publishing community

Patent application spike seen ahead of first to file transition

Education technology innovator faces copyright complexities

Survey: gTLD timeline could catch SMBs off guard

Video game developer facing copyright backlash

USPTO partnership eyes auto industry innovation

Copyright critics set sights on additional DMCA rules

Pfizer secures Celebrex patent extension

Major League Soccer weighs copyright controversy

3D printing introduces novel copyright management questions

UK patent reform fosters pharmaceutical innovation

Patent litigation reform reaches Congress floor

University stands by tech transfer amid budget cuts

New Copyright Alert Systems in Effect

Copyright decision supports legal research libraries

Twitter's employee invention policy bucks trends

Technology transfer climbing Congressional agenda

EU officially signs unified patent accord

Patent management makes Obama's Google Hangout agenda

USPTO finalizes first to file guidance

Smartphone patent wars could start sooner in supply chains

Purdue clears path to student IP portfolios

Software patents set for pivotal federal hearing

Web domains stirring trademark controversy

Amazon patent could transform digital resales

Employee smartphones could create corporate copyright drama

Patents driving regional prosperity in U.S.

Patents driving regional prosperity in U.S.

Sales ban off the table in Apple-Samsung patent dispute

USPTO director Kappos reflects on tenure

Newegg patent decision signals big win for ecommerce

Digital stylings complicating music copyright issues

Fear, not ignorance stalling IP commercialization

Digital pirates may find safe harbor in Caribbean

Zynga patent strategy signals new vision

AP copyright suit puts fair use on trial

FTC study confirms anticompetetive pharmaceutical patent activity

USPTO, Smithsonian set to launch 'Innovation Pavilion"

Patent activity suggests impending graphene surge

Copyright and social media clash in photojournalism case

Copyright and social media clash in photojournalism case

IBM leads patent ranking for 20th consecutive year

IBM leads patent ranking for 20th consecutive year

IBM leads patent ranking for 20th consecutive year

Unwired Planet strengthens patent portfolio via Ericsson deal

Unwired Planet strengthens patent portfolio via Ericsson deal

Patent-related sales bans inspire USPTO, DOJ comment

Patent-related sales bans inspire USPTO, DOJ comment

Legislators debate bankruptcy's effect on licensing agreements

Legislators debate bankruptcy's effect on licensing agreements

Harvard Law bringing copyright management to the masses

FTC intervention yields Google patent resolution

Value of provisional patent applications called into question

Updated patent legislation draws mixed reviews

University wins billion-dollar infringement suit

Patent portfolios help startups sustain spark

Clearwire portfolio could fuel Sprint's resurgence

Nokia, RIM opt for patent licensing deal

UK relaxes copyright rules, eyes innovation

Famous funders back patent reform initiative

Gobal Greentech Innovation Analysis

Clean Energy Patents Continue Upward Trend

Apple, Samsung cede ground following ruling

Unified patent conversation shifts to enforcement

AUTM analyzes tech transfer's unique economic impact

Authors Guild weighs difficult copyright questions

Patent strategies underlie holiday tech bargains

Agility, awareness triumph in first to file framework

Expert investigates lagging federal tech transfer ROI

USPTO data suggests rising patent quality

Hostess IP liquidation draws wide interest

EU may light path toward digital copyright innovation

Green patents benefit from 'fast-tracking' frameworks

Balancing entrepreneurial drive with patent savvy

Ericsson, Samsung litigation to center on licensing

EU unitary patent could be imminent

Provisional patent applications leaving an impression

USPTO director Kappos to step down in January

Midwestern universities must reformulate patent strategies

USPTO director responds to software patent critics

Former Google patent director to head USPTO branch

Alcatel-Lucent looks to IP portfolio for new revenue

Trilateral Offices celebrate, advocate cooperative patent systems

Experts weigh patents, politics post-election

Michigan professors showcase promise of tech transfer

Microsoft Pulling Google into German Lawsuit

Facebook Privacy Patent

AMD reportedly exploring patent options

Apple, HTC quietly settle outstanding patent litigation

Netflix patent portfolio may leave room for competitors

Pfizer patent invalidated by Canadian court

IP awareness trickling down from the top

Chipmaker's patent sale could diversify processor market

Twitter brings transparency to DMCA takedowns

FTC staffers endorse potential Google antitrust suit

Research confirms rise of student-led commercialization

Windows 8 already facing infringement claims

Coalition backs internet radio royalty reforms

Filing Patent Applications Ahead of New U.S. First to File System Can Be Advantageous

Verizon: IP security begins at home

NASA reaches out to academic innovators

Samsung's latest patent victory could be short-lived

Copyright Alert System gets clarification ahead of debut

DMCA takedowns in need of additional refinement

Commercialization conflicts lead cancer researchers to resign

Supreme Court's 'first-sale' interpretation could have broad implications

FTC intervention boosts pharmaceutical competition

Air Force recommits to solar tech transfer initiative

Experts find fault with NYT's patent system criticisms

Choosing initial patent partners wisely

Tech patent controversies reach UN roundtable

WIPO assemblies address new media copyrights, industrial designs

Experts still waiting to see how AIA will serve SMBs

Business, tech directors coming together on patent strategies

Google settles long-standing eBook copyright dispute

Green trademark applications subject to additional scrutiny

Commerce Department reaches out to young innovators

Top judge calling for broader patent reforms

Technology transfer heating up in Arizona

Strategic lessons may be silver lining in smartphone patent wars

Building a fortress around software patent portfolios

Congressional bill focuses on internet radio royalties

Verizon to pay TiVo $250 million in patent settlement

LED innovation centers on patent strategy

Evolving Efficiencies in Underground Oil Production Technologies

Canada Grants Patent in Field of Oil Sands Mining

Patents vs. Trade Secrets as Protection for Canadian Oil & Gas Innovations

USPTO opens patent examination to the public

Success with Intellectual Property Not Just a Matter of R&D Dollars Spent

Engineers Play Key Role in Intellectual Property Creation

Majority of AIA patent reforms now in effect

RIM could right the ship with licensing deal

Academic patents contributing to economic growth

Copyright Alert System to debut this year

Concerns Regarding Intellectual Property Protection in Aerospace Manufacturing Collaborations

Small Companies Key to Value Creation in Aerospace Industry

Private partnership to speed commercialization of DoD innovations

USPTO adds new first to file procedure

Modular innovation demands unique IP strategies

Gaining perspective on IP portfolio risks

Patent prospects attracting NASA to Denver area

Google Books copyright controversy heading for trial

IP strategies must evolve alongside business models

Universities capitalizing on smart trademark management

Copyright concerns stunt support for free trade agreement

Apple patent victory could hurt, help mobile competition

Illinois universities making strides in IP commercialization

Cloud computing could be next frontier for copyright controversy

USPTO floats trademark fee revisions

Twitter broadens mobile possibilities with IP acquisition

Smart IP counsel collaborations becoming essential post-recession

Testimony reveals surprise Apple-Microsoft patent-sharing deal

Technology transfer climbing university priority lists

Google assumes new role in copyright enforcement

Instilling strong IP management fundamentals from the start

Patent ruling reverse breathes life into BlackBerry

NSF data shows R&D becoming a collaborative pursuit

Academic-industrial partnership commercializes aerospace innovation

US automakers worried by proposed patent cuts

Patent dispute sends military supplier in new direction

Pharmaceutical companies facing critical year in IP management

Congressmen eye patent reform in new bill

Patent team guides Pfizer's relocation plans

DISA explores expansion of open source ambitions

USPTO publishes proposed first to file implementation guidelines

Boeing patent application reveals new ambitions

Nokia turns to IP acquisition at critical juncture

Report: EU authorities captured 115 million infringing goods in 2011

NTP settles patent disputes with 13 leading tech firms

Semiconductor company targets 'connected home' following IP acquisition

LinkedIn harvests innovation from Digg's patent portfolio

University researcher taps technology transfer as patriotic obligation

Refurbished SOPA could station US copyright officers globally

Patent ruling deals additional blow to BlackBerry

Michigan's innovation community welcomes new USPTO branch

Canada's top court sets new digital copyright precedents

Microsoft filling mobile gap with patent strategy

UN agency resolves to address tech patent wars

US ranks 10th in global innovation index

EU copyright ruling could pave way for digital resales

Airbus awarded patent for dual-fuselage, commercial aircraft

USPTO reveals three more satellite office locations

First to file transition necessitates smarter invention disclosure strategies

Patent dispute takes Samsung tablet off US shelves

White House solicits public comment on IP enforcement

Report: Foreign-born students fueling university IP activity

Report: IP rights bring innovation, profits to biotechnology industry

USPTO extends post-final rejection review program

Research investigates IP activity of successful startups

USPTO offers progress report to Congress

Technology transfer takes center stage in congressional forum

Patent expiry puts drugmaker on path to innovation

International treaty set to protect audiovisual performance rights

Professor suggests novel textbook copyright protection strategy

Berkeley professors outline new patent strategy for tech sector

Patent system retains promise for software developers

Incorporating IP management into onboarding processes

Report: Corporate data protection plans overlook IP

Patent expiry puts Irish jobs on the line

Survey: Attorneys unprepared for digital trademark management risks

Patent system becoming scapegoat of cancer drug shortages

Congress may ask companies to shelter sensitive patents

G-8 stresses importance of pharmaceutical IP protection

Google releases data on its copyright enforcement efforts

Report: 55.7 million American jobs tied to IP-intensive industries

University IP center now open to public

Sparing budgets in international patent management

Kappos sees silver lining in tech 'patent wars'

No room to skimp on trademark management

Google defends trademarks, reclaims domain names

Copyright questions abound as libraries consider eBook lending

Experts defend merits of tech patent strategies

Awareness campaign puts fresh spin on trademark management

USPTO pilot program adds new IDS option

Study shines global spotlight on specialized IP courts

Apple seeks to reverse domain name ownership

USPTO extends law school trademark management pilot

WIPO, EPO pen new cooperative agreement

Students apply intellectual property lessons at Colorado State

British regulators take aggressive stance on digital copyright infringement

Microsoft, Barnes & Noble settle patent dispute to focus on innovation

Digital business models demand evolution of IP

World IP Day inspires reflection on past, look to future

German copyright case sets important digital piracy precedent

Canadian students object to new copyright framework

Green patents fueling economic recovery in California

Patent authorities examine progress in US, UK collaboration

Pioneer of mobile internet shifts focus to patent management

Supreme Court ruling could extend patent review process

Twitter's unique patent strategy promotes innovation over exploitation

IP portfolio strength could dictate startup success

Ohio State focuses on tech transfer to incubate startups

Department of Commerce underscores economic significance of IP

Royalty settlement signals change for music industry

Trade secrets often forgotten in IP management

Resting on IP portfolios could prove costly

USPTO building relations with Hungarian IP authority

Maximizing innovations with diligent IP analysis

USPTO pilots new option for post-final rejection review

ISPs finalizing new copyright enforcement strategy

WIPO shines light on Steve Jobs' IP portfolio

Setting the stage for innovation with provisional patents

Evolving litigation options could influence patent strategy

Avoiding the pitfalls of overzealous trademark management

Innovation competition sets sights on USPTO processing

USPTO issues record number of patents

Reviewing the merits of Track One patent applications

Patent cliff could present massive opportunity for biosimilars

American companies facing critical period for invention disclosure

University researchers underscore advantages of patent sharing

British IP authority facilitating green innovation

Companies shifting IP focus to domain names

Guarding against the risk of patent disputes

Patent decision could spur cancer research, shake up pharmaceutical industry

Software industry stretching limits of current patent system

Learning IP strategy from university patent teams

Savvy patent management brings SMBs opportunities

Patent portfolios driving women-led innovation

AIA prior user rights revision could stifle invention disclosure

Monsanto uses patent review to secure valuable IP protection

Pinterest introduces new copyright questions

Research examines external factors in patent approval process

USPTO looks to academia for innovation

NSF survey sheds light on IP priorities

Navigating intellectual property and bankruptcy

Intellectual property management central to clean technology innovations

Businesses respond to USPTO patent fee proposal

Revised FDA regulations may alter pharmaceutical patent management

Patent licenses could shape future of mobile market

Open pharmaceutical patent portfolios fighting disease

Apple's latest invention disclosure reveals 3D eye-tracking capabilities

Businesses discovering new first to file implications

White House unveils Patents for Humanity campaign

Enhancing patent applications with complementary illustrations

Comcast patent strategy could fuel social TV revolution

USPTO drafts revised supplemental examination rules

Legal expert suggests reorganization of federal IP management framework

Accounting for new patent law provisions in IP strategy

Debating the role of patents in pharmaceutical innovations

Protecting brand value with logo trademarking

USPTO issues report on international IP protection for small businesses

Supreme Court ruling supports IP protection for public domain works

New royalty framework could transform digital journalism

US, UK government rulings could reshape patent strategy

Ericsson putting patent strategy front and center

Government contractors must be wary of IP theft

USPTO provides update on Track I progress

President highlights role of IP protection in national defense

Hackers obtain sensitive cybersecurity IP

Patent strategy may help Kodak avert bankruptcy

Microsoft uncovers potentially significant IP infringement plot

Protecting intellectual assets in the new year

Copyright Office moves to protect audio recordings

Open IP strategy may hold key to innovation

Analysts encourage Apple to shift IP strategy

Balancing innovation and ethics in pharmaceutical IP

Semiconductor manufacturer licenses IP, shifts focus

UN report illustrates global growth in IP filings

Tech firm enhances market reach with IP acquisition

Penn State overhauls intellectual property policy

Patent strategy may reverse RIM's fortunes

World's first IP exchange market prepares for debut

UK building IP ties with China

Congressmen unveil alternatives to pending IP bills

Apple may lose iPad trademark in mainland China

Cybersecurity firm offers insight on IP protection

IP ruling may facilitate competition in pharmaceutical industry

Defensing against third-party IP claims

Patent defense may shape future of Barnes & Noble

IP issues at the heart of green technology debate

Audit reveals untapped IP opportunities in California

Awareness, vigilance on White House's IP protection agenda

Patent portfolios shaking up industry power structures

EU case may set precedent for online copyright infringement

Controlling the rising costs of IP protection

European regulators weigh in on Apple, Samsung patent battle

European Commission calls for copyright overhaul

Intellectual property dispute may halt Google, Motorola Mobility merger

Apple patent move may transform location-based services

New York City publishers battle over trademarked phrase

Technology experts explain surprising implications of proposed piracy legislation

UN report highlights role of IP in global innovation

Senate committee takes aim at Patent Office funding

Library advocates voice copyright concerns to Congress

RIAA attorney expresses displeasure with copyright interpretations

US and China strike landmark intellectual property agreement

Industry report details economic impact of U.S. copyright industries

Microsoft attorney discusses merits, challenges of patent reform

Hackers targeting chemical industry IP, Symantec reports

Investors express concerns over PROTECT IP Act

U.S. Copyright Office lays out long-term priorities

Congress proposes bill to target online copyright infringement

IP protection promotes collaboration, progress

Pharmaceutical companies approaching the 'patent cliff'

Microsoft gains additional licensing revenues from Android in patent deal

Patent and Trademark Office to host inventors conference at Smithsonian

WIPO conference addresses digital copyright issues

EU court bans stem cell procedure patents

Latest free trade agreements uphold strong IP standards

PBS uses IP to turn children's programming into games

States vie for satellite patent office bids

Steve Jobs tribute becomes topic of IP debate

IP valuation issues plague companies of all sizes

Expert panel comes together to discuss role of IP in innovation

Jobs provided IP blueprint for innovators

Texas judge proposes changes that may streamline patent cases

Setting up an effective IP budget

Rhapsody acquires Napster for IP, customer base

Amazon may fuel tablet growth with IP acquisitions

Chamber of Commerce highlights importance of IP with latest project

Report: Declining patent quality may be impacting innovators

Separating IP fact from fiction

Report: Patent lawsuits cost innovators $500 billion since 1990

WIPO report underscores importance of trademarks

Pharmaceutical companies band together for intellectual property protection

Book digitization project faces copyright lawsuit

Suitors line up for Borders' valuable IP portfolio

Google continues to build patent portfolio

Businesses assess implications of patent law reform

UNLV planning IP seminar for students, professionals

Obama weighs cost of stronger drug patent protection

Technology conference highlighting IP

Senators pass America Invents Act, transform IP

Researchers urge businesses to integrate patent, IP management strategies

Kodak IP portfolio becoming a hot commodity

Steps to secure intellectual property

Experts concerned intellectual property reform may not be enough

28 percent of inventors still have something in the shed

Verizon urges President Obama to weigh in on mobile IP battles

UK organizations collaborate to cut down on IP, trademark violations

South Africa pursuing changes to intellectual property law

In wake of Google, Motorola announcement, other targets for mobile patents emerge

Google's Motorola acquisition a possible move over IP

PROTECT IP Act targeting links to pirated material

IP crime up, but some some progress being made

Report: Caribbean countries need to improve IP laws

Chinese IP violations cost American firm nearly $50 billion

Expert urges academics to consider intellectual property

Expert urges academics to consider intellectual property

Expert calls for companies to leverage IP

Motorola investor sees value in company's IP portfolio

China improving IP protection

Entertainment industry businesses form coalition to pass piracy act

Bardem speaks out against piracy

Indian government urges SMBs to consider patents

Unaffiliated hospital workers must be sure of intellectual property rights

Amazon OneClick patent again denied in Europe

Silicon Roundabout calls for adjustments to UK copyright law

Funding remains an issue in intellectual property reform

Switzerland lands the No. 1 spot on international IP rankings

UK university looks to join higher education, intellectual property

American Invents Act passage receives praise from Boston Scientific

ISPs take note of copyright, property violations

ICANN approves new top-level domain names

OHIM and WIPO sign cooperation agreement

Expert: Litigation alone won't win the piracy war

GNSO considers new measures to improve post-expiration and renewal policies

NYSE bell to ring from IP event

WIPO announces IP project for West Africa

INTA praises European IP strategy

IP chief: Private companies can protect IP

BSA praises House GOP innovation agenda

US administration outlines views on America Invents Act

Website enables public to examine patent applications

USPTO to partner with Swedish patent authorities on pilot program

Expert criticizes EC patent system study

USITC: US firms affected by IP infringements in China

ICANN GAC working to secure new top-level domains

IP is critical asset for companies to understand

Independent review finds UK IP laws 'obstructive'

New IP legislation receives support, opposition

Report: Ghana advances intellectual property enforcement

BSA: Software piracy hit record levels in 2010

Report: Bill Gates calls for government investment in innovation

Expert: Greater IP knowledge could prevent needless battles

WIPO and ICOM to collaborate on intellectual property mediation

US to push for intellectual property enforcement in China

Indiana University opens center for IP research

Philippines stays on 'ordinary' US watch list for IP

Microsoft signs licensing agreement with Volkswagen software supplier

USPTO postpones 'Track One' patent examination

USPTO calls for opinions on streamlining patent reexamination

US commerce secretary: Innovation is at the 'heart' of job creation

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement launches new PSA

Report: China destroys millions of pirated publications for World IP Day

Jordanian senator: Arab renaissance based on knowledge industry

BIO calls for changes to patent reform bill

Cisco and Wi-Lan sign multi-year license agreement

LES announces World Intellectual Property Day celebratory events

International patent system received 2 millionth application

Report: EPO receives record number of patent filings

Study: Small businesses should do more to exploit innovations

Taiwan to cash in on intellectual property rights

Experts: Intellectual property can make cyber security profitable

U.S. and UK making progress on patent cooperation

Royalty Pharma acquires royalties for $487 million

USPTO to launch patent fast-track in May

WIPO: Global trademark applications on the rise

University of Minnesota signs license agreement for technology transfer

Expanded internet to create new branding opportunities

USPTO director: Innovation a 'principal driver' of growth

Report: United States leads in research and development

BSA chief: Better IP protection overseas would create more U.S. jobs

Report: Microsoft may have world's most valuable IP portfolio

Conference explores intellectual property as a means to protect traditional knowledge

Report: U.S. lagging in property protections

USPTO offers flexibility for applicants affected by Japan catastrophe

Obama administration looks to crack down on intellectual property violations

High levels of counterfeiting prevent companies from getting the most out of their intellectual property

EPO announces finalists for 2011 inventors award

WikiLeaks founder applies to trademark his name

Senate debates patent reform bill

WIPO chief: Copyright infrastructure needs to evolve

IPO: full 2011 funding for USPTO an 'urgent jobs issue'

Trademark publication celebrates centenary

Report: USPTO suffers from inefficiency

BIO pushes for overseas IP protection

Senate to consider patent reform bill

Report: Drug makers criticize U.S. patent plans

European Parliament approves unified patent system

Report: Induced patent infringement gaining attention

Report: Fast-tracked patent processing may have a price

Expert: 'Proactive' approach helps protect intellectual property

Obama boosts USPTO budget

WIPO: International patent filings grew in 2010

Xerox invests in intellectual property

White House report outlines patent reform plans

Expert: International measures against IP infringement will help profitability

Expert: Intellectual property key for competitive business

U.S. commerce secretary announces new PPAC and TPAC members

Google takes measures to prevent copyright infringement

Committee approves new European patent system

BIO welcomes patent reform bill

Symposium to address access to medical patent information

IPO chief calls for government investment in intellectual property

Democrat, Republican senators introduce patent reform bill

Study: Patent holders have two-thirds win rate at trial

Negotiators working on draft IP protocol for wines and spirits

'Reverse brain drain' may be feeding Chinese interest in intellectual property

Goodlatte tapped to chair intellectual property subcommittee

Forum to discuss business role in promoting respect for IP

Ballmer tells Hu: intellectual property enforcement necessary for development

Innovator: Ruling in Microsoft intellectual property licence case is 'beautiful'

Study: EMEA companies placing insufficient emphasis on intellectual assets

U.S. patents increase in 2010

Sentiment at CES pleads for re-evaluation of U.S. innovation policies

Verizon CEO touts high-speed networks as critical for innovation in tech-focused global economy

Court upholds Microsoft's guilt in patent infringement case regarding piracy software

UAE launches intellectual property awareness campaign to meet demands of diversifying economy

Supreme Court to hear critical Microsoft patent infringement case

As green energy sector emerges, analysts debate over sources of investment

IBM releases innovation predictions for next five years

Congress rejects extension of small business innovation programs due to disagreement on budget tax

Ossen Innovation caps record year for Chinese IPOs and emerging international markets

FCC's looming decision on proposed 'net neutrality' regulations sparks heated debate

Experts gather in Washington to encourage R&D spending on green energy innovation

Research firm details 'innovation forces' to help manage information

Google's venture capital arm places emphasis on tech innovation

Senators, businesses urge China to boost IP and patent enforcement

Cancer diagnostics firm awarded top prize in world's largest business plan competition

MIT launches $20 million investment in Chinese innovation

NYC Mayor Bloomberg touts innovation and centrist policies as key to economic recovery

Amid retaliatory cyberattacks, officials call for boost in cybersecurity innovation

Breakthroughs in biotech innovation recognized at Paris forum

China to invest trillions in innovation over next five years

Patent and IP protection in a globalized economy

New Merck CEO to focus on innovation and research to improve medical technology

DOE Secretary calls China's emerging green tech sector a "Sputnik Moment" for U.S.

Middle East emerging as contender in global innovation

SAP ordered to pay Oracle $1.3 billion in copyright infringement ruling

U.S. continues to trump Canada in innovation, report finds

'Smart parking' startup wins IBM Global Entrepreneur of the Year award

GE announces first winners of Ecomagination investment competition

Massachusetts tops list of states for innovation

Industry leaders disclose thoughts on future of U.S. energy innovation

Intel invests $77 million in global tech innovation

Bill Gates, Peter Thiel offer key insights on U.S. innovation

Chinese innovation emerging as world competitor

Smartphone patent wars intensify as firms compete for market share

USPTO extends patent expedition program for green tech innovations

GE announces plans to invest $2 billion in Chinese innovation

UK to implement massive IP law review

Broadband availability proponents equate internet neutrality with innovation

UK, along with U.S. tech giants, seek to make East London a Silicon Valley competitor

Top investors in innovation decreased spending on R&D in 2009

Top American CEOs argue for urgent investment in U.S. innovation

Apple sues Motorola over smartphone patent infringement

U.S. and European patent authorities to harmonize filing systems

Fox-Cablevision programming dispute turns into copyright infringement dispute

SAP defending itself through two separate IP suits

French tech security company sues Google and others for Android patent infringement

U.S. Chamber signs international counterfeiting-prevention measure

Generic drug manufacturer ordered to pay $422 million in damages for Plavix patent infringement

Media coalition announces cyber security webcast for small businesses

Free information advocacy group attacks UK's Intellectual Property Office

Con man arrested for four-year-long intellectual property theft scheme

International anti-piracy agreement continues to spur controversy

China to pass U.S. in patent filings, but innovation remains questionable

UK bombarded with 'massive' intellectual property attacks

Protecting ideas with patents and copyrights

Jury rules against Apple in patent infringement suit