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From ideas to intellectual property

Good ideas are the lifeblood of most modern organizations. If you’re not efficiently capturing and reviewing all of them, you’re likely below your innovation potential. If you’re not making fast decisions about which ones to protect, you’re also likely at a competitive disadvantage.   

Streamlining the invention disclosure process is a key piece to stepping up your game. You want to make better decisions faster. You want improved strategic eyesight. You want to squeeze all the juice out of your best ideas. Check out this video about a day in the life of an idea. It’s fun, but it also paints a very real picture. An efficient invention disclosure process can really boost your organization’s ROI.  

A Day (or more)  in the Life of an Idea

Once a money making idea is born….

  • It has to be surfaced (disclosed) by the inventor(s);

  • It has to be reviewed  - often by a committee;

  • Reviewers hot potato the idea back and forth;

  • Hopefully, the idea is deemed valuable and worthy of protection;

  • It makes its way into products and services – starts to bear fruit; .

  • Others in the organization can locate and repurpose it;

  • Up go  the revenues and down goes the  competition.

  • Repeat.   


A Day (or more) In the Life of An Idea from Innovation Asset Group on Vimeo.

This process can be executed really well with the right tools. Our software for intellectual property management, Decipher®, can solve innovation inefficiency and help you create more intellectual property. Interested? Please contact us and learn more. You’ll be glad you did.

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Peter Ackerman

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