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Case Studies


Cascade Microtech Case Study

Discover how Cascade Microtech realized a 150% ROI with Decipher by streamlining the management of its IP portfolio and controlling costs.


Danaher Case Study

Learn how Danaher uses Decipher to centralize and strategically manage an IP portfolio that spans multiple companies, industries and locations.

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Determination of Royalty Rates

Intellectual property is now the central resource for creating wealth in almost all industries. Learn best practices for determining royalty rates from IP thought-leader Russell L. Parr, President of IPRA


Diligent IP Management

What do a Koosh ball and a tab of Viagra have in common? Aside from the pleasure they bring to millions, their economic success is premised upon the same type of IP protection. Learn the steps and tools for an optimal culture of IP diligence.


Mitigating IP Challenges

As organizations begin to scale, the intellectual property challenges they face begin to evolve. These resource-constrained companies will now need to learn how to navigate intellectual property law, allocate limited resources to intellectual property, and build infrastructure to support its management.


IP Management Software ROI Study

By implementing Decipher, corporations have seen as much as a 229% increase in invention disclosure rates and astounding cost and time savings.

IP Data

Using Data to Influence Intellectual Property Management Strategy

Data is a critical component to building an effective intellectual property management strategy. Proper usage and analysis of data on intellectual property performance, costs, and processes can help your team make informed decisions, leading to optimized resources and returns.



Build vs Buy

Managers today are constantly looking for better, faster and more cost efficient ways to meet short and long-term goals. One question that often comes up is build versus buy. Here are some considerations to take into account when balancing those competing interests.

scaling companies

4 Ways to Leverage Your IP

For growing businesses, intellectual property and its management can be a critical strategic asset that provides a competitive edge and generates revenue, among other benefits. However, it can be a challenge to allocate time and resources in this area, running a high risk of lost opportunities and unnecessary expenses.

Invention Disclosure Workflow Graphic

Your workflow will lay out the basic foundation for ID in an understandable way. Build out a more complex plan from these core steps to fit your exact business needs without compromising the ultimate strength and patentability of your idea.

Product Literature


Decipher For Invention Disclosure

Staying ahead of the competition is more critical than ever  — especially with first to file rules. Explore the top 10 reasons why companies choose Decipher for their invention disclosure needs.


Decipher Product Sheet

Are you realizing the full value of your intellectual property? Discover how Decipher can help you tap your innovation potential by bringing together inventors, reviewers and leaders.