Our Mission: 

To Help Organizations Everywhere Unleash the Power of Their Intellectual Property.

Innovation Asset Group

Innovation and intellectual property are now the main engines of growth, but they are not being driven to capacity by most organizations. To be competitively superior and successful in the creation and management of intellectual property, you need enabling technology and data. As leading experts in the field, this is what we provide. You can make better and faster decisions with Decipher.
Founded in 2002, IAG is an award winning software company headquartered in the Silicon Forest corridor of Oregon. Several of the world’s most successful companies rely upon its flagship product – Decipher® – to make them even better than they are. Decipher was created to drive innovation productivity and help companies succeed with their intellectual property.


Peter Ackerman, CEO

Peter Ackerman is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Innovation Asset Group. He is responsible for overall corporate strategic direction and vision. Ackerman began his legal career at Intel Corp, where he handled a wide variety of issues related to patents, branding & trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, licensing and commercialization activities. In his private law practice, Ackerman provided intellectual property assessments and audit services, helping clients to see and understand their IP-related inventories and processes, highlighting risks and potential profit areas, and imparting best practices. He has spoken at a variety of events around the world on several topics related to the management and exploitation of intellectual property. Ackerman holds a J.D. degree from the Santa Clara University School of Law.

Shawn Pilkington, Executive Vice President, Sales

Shawn Pilkington is co-founder and Vice President of Sales of Innovation Asset Group. Previously, Pilkington led sales for The Invention Machine, a software company specializing in process innovation and intellectual property assessment tools for corporate R&D, M&A groups, and intellectual property law firms. Before that, he was at Xerox where he was responsible for launching new products through regional sales teams. Pilkington sits on a standards committee related to invention management, and he is the Founding Chair of the Oregon/SW Washington Chapter of the Licensing Executives Society, a global organization of professionals dedicated to the management and monetization of intellectual property.

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