Our Mission:

Help companies unleash the power of their intellectual property

Innovation Asset Group


Founded in 2002, IAG is an award winning intellectual property management software and services company headquartered in the Silicon Forest corridor of Oregon.

IAG was formed at a time when companies were just beginning to realize that patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets are not just legal rights that lawyers care about; they are strategic business assets with a lot of potential value. The world was becoming knowledge-driven, yet there was no real infrastructure to support rapid increases in innovation and IP creation activities.

The early team at IAG - consisting of people with deep backgrounds in IP - saw clearly that systems and tools were needed to help companies actively manage and keep track of their intellectual property. Companies of all shapes and sizes began to adopt IAG's flagship product - Decipher. 

With years of experience working with inventors, Directors of Innovation and R&D, IP administrators & managers, paralegals and in-house counsel, licensing executives and other company leaders, IAG has come to be relied upon not just for its technology but also for the excellence of its services. The company is committed to helping organizations be more successful with their intellectual property.



Shawn Pilkington

Shawn Pilkington is responsible for daily company operations and sales. Previously, Shawn led sales for The Invention Machine, a software company specializing in process innovation and intellectual property assessment tools for corporate R&D, M&A groups, and intellectual property law firms. Before that, he was at Xerox where he was responsible for launching new products through regional sales teams. Shawn has sat on a of standards committee related to invention management and LEDES, and he is the Founding Chair of the Oregon/SW Washington Chapter of the Licensing Executives Society, a global organization of professionals dedicated to the management and monetization of intellectual property.

Matthew Hubner

Matthew Hubner is responsible for overall services and customer happiness. He has over ten years of experience with every aspect of IAG technology and how customers can benefit from its use. Matt has become a master at IP management best practices and how data and streamlined workflows and analysis reports can supercharge any company's intellectual property department. He has been instrumental in helping numerous companies gain better results with their intellectual property assets for 15 years. Prior to IAG, Matt spent nine years in various customer support leadership roles, working with customers in numerous industries and geographic locations. 

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