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6 Benefits of Using an Out-of-the-Box IP Management Software

If you’re considering implementing an intellectual property (IP) management system, there are a few options available to you. You could either work with your in-house IT team to develop the system from scratch, or you can purchase a pre-built, out-of-the-box solution. In most cases, the latter is the better choice since it is easier to implement and allows more flexibility for scaling organizations. Pre-built solutions provide a host of other benefits:

Faster time to implementationiStock_000027458069_Small.jpg

Since there is no development time required to implement an out-of-the-box IP management software, your team can get up and running more quickly. Just choose a solution and integrate it with existing platforms you need it to link to.

Highly customizable

Many people have a misperception that pre-built IP management solutions cannot be customized to fit their unique process. However, most solutions allow customization of fields and modules, as well as integration capabilities, in order to flex to both simple and complex IP processes.

Prioritized development 

When working with IT to develop an in-house solution, you may find yourself having to jump through organizational hoops like competing for IT’s time and resources over other projects they have going on. That out-of-the-box solution is dedicated to the growth and development of their product only.

Structured to best practices

One risk of building your own IP management software is structuring it without consideration for IP best practices. Pre-built solutions are built to solve common industry pains in the best way possible. Intellectual property software companies spend the time and resources on research and development, so you don’t have to.

Ability to scale

As intellectual property needs at your organization grow, you can continue customizing and flexing a pre-built solution to scale in tandem. When working with an in-house solution, every time you need to build add-ons or more capacity, you will need to enter IT’s development queue. Instead of a fast implementation, you can often end up in development limbo, with no resolution to your IP management challenge.

Technical support

Speaking of IT’s queue, if something goes wrong with the solution they’ve built for you, you will have to work with them to fix it instead of troubleshooting on your own. While your IT team is definitely skilled, their time is spread thinly across the entire organization. A pre-built solution comes with technical support reps trained specifically to fix your problems. With a dedicated professional services team you are able to achieve the functionality you desire in a timely manner.

Implementing an IP management software is an important piece of your IP strategy because it can help you effectively leverage your IP assets. Choosing between building a solution or purchasing an out-of-the-box IP management software is also key because it frames your processes and internal decisions. For a deeper analysis between building and buying an IP management solution, download this free whitepaper.

Download the Whitepaper: Build vs. Buy