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WiLAN considers selling itself

According to Reuters, patent licensing company WiLAN is considering selling itself. The company holds more than 3,000 patents, and its business relies largely on negotiating licensing agreements with other companies whose products rely in some way on the patents WiLAN owns. Recently, WiLAN's activities have been covered extensively in the media, and in this space. The company filed lawsuits against many major technology companies, including Apple, for intellectual property infringement. While many companies chose to settle with WiLAN, it lost its suit against Apple. This caused WiLAN's stock to drop by 23 percent.

However, the company is still valued around $357 million. Aside from a total sale, WiLAN is considering strategic partnerships with other organizations, selling assets and returning capital to shareholders or changing its dividends policy. The company has no timetable for these activities, and does not expect to announce its course of action in the near future.

WiLAN has become something of a symbol for patent assertion entities, and its fortunes are of interest to the intellectual property community for that reason. Additionally, should WiLAN decide to sell itself or any of its many intellectual property assets, the fate of that patent portfolio will be keenly observed worldwide.

Peter Ackerman

Peter Ackerman

Founder & CEO, Innovation Asset Group, Inc.