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Wisconsin clinic joins Healthcare Innovation Alliance tech transfer network

Technology transfer arrangements to bring scientific discoveries out of research institutions and onto the market are important for many organizations, from colleges to hospitals. The Healthcare Innovation Alliance network, which is a group of eight healthcare systems, universities and organizations, aims to help its members commercialize the results of their research more quickly, according to Xconomy. The Cleveland Clinic allows other members of the group to use its commercialization staff and resources in exchange for a royalty from any technology licensed with its help.

Recently, a very small Wisconsin hospital joined the network. Marshfield Clinic, which serves a population of 19,000 in a small Wisconsin city, joins more metropolitan healthcare groups in the alliance. Marshfield added a research arm in 1959, and since that time has made a few important discoveries, including a blood test to detect microbes that cause farmer's lung.

Despite its research history, Marshfield only recently became interested in commercializing its intellectual property. Since 2006, it has formed only two license agreements. Becoming a member of the alliance is expected to help the clinic profit from its intellectual property at a much higher rate.

Peter Ackerman

Peter Ackerman

Founder & CEO, Innovation Asset Group, Inc.