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MPAA highlights hotspots for IP infringement

The Motion Picture Association of America recently submitted a list to the U.S. Trade Representative of the virtual and physical destinations that enable the most copyright infringement. The industry organization is concerned that there are too many active websites willfully enabling intellectual property infringement.

The list was submitted as a letter to the USTR for inclusion in the notorious markets master list, and also included claims of financial loss due to piracy, though there was no data cited.

"The rogue overseas marketplaces highlighted in the filing undermine the people who work hard to create the movies and TV shows audiences love, and jeopardize the billions of dollars they contribute to the US economy," said MPAA Chairman and CEO Senator Chris Dodd. "The MPAA commends the USTR's commitment to protect and enforce intellectual property rights abroad and, in so doing, protect US jobs."

Physical locations of rampant copyright infringement - places where pirated DVDs are sold, for example - include Ukraine, Australia, Canada and China. Online sources of intellectual property infringement spring from many different countries, though the MPAA identifies several in its list, among them China, Russia, Ukraine, Canada and Sweden. These countries are attached to the websites the MPAA cites because they are hosted there. Sites that enable peer-to-peer sharing and torrents, as well as sites that link to websites where consumers can download copyrighted material illegally, are detailed throughout the report.

Peter Ackerman

Peter Ackerman

Founder & CEO, Innovation Asset Group, Inc.