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The cost of protecting intellectual property in the digital age

The RIAA, MPAA and a number of internet services providers are members of the Center for Copyright Information. This is an initiative that attempts to educate consumers about appropriate means to enjoy entertainment material online while preserving the intellectual property rights of content producers. According to CCI's most recent tax filing - available for public inspection - the membership dues from content publication organizations and internet service providers totaled nearly $2 million for 2011.

Copyright issues are endemic to the Internet, which houses a number of file-sharing websites from which it is possible for users to download copyrighted content easily. The CCI works to ensure Internet users understand what is and is not legal as concerns copyrighted material, and has even instituted a system that will inform consumers about questionable online activity originating from their Internet accounts. Intellectual property protections exist, but it is all too easy to abuse intellectual property rights when seeking entertainment online. Indeed, some consumers do so accidentally, which is why the CCI has a six-strike system for infringements.

This is an innovative method for protecting intellectual property rights online, and one that takes considerable expense to run. Companies engaged in content publication should be aware of the CCI's strategies and mission, as it may represent a new way of protecting copyrighted material online.

Peter Ackerman

Peter Ackerman

Founder & CEO, Innovation Asset Group, Inc.