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Steve Jobs tribute becomes topic of IP debate

After an outpouring of tributes spread across the world's media in the wake of Steve Jobs' untimely passing, one particularly popular fan creation has now been drawn into an intellectual property debate.

Late last week, a cleverly designed image displaying the silhouette of the former Apple CEO in the company logo attracted the attention of the digital media and soon become a viral hit. Several graphic designers have claimed responsibility for the original artwork, but now a 25 year-old Los Angeles man is looking to protect what he believes is his rightful intellectual asset.

"I personally created and designed the graphic logo in the evening of Wednesday, October 5, after hearing the news of Steve Jobs' unfortunate passing," wrote Farzin Adeli in a new copyright application.

However, the innovative logo design was previously attributed to Hong Kong-based artist Jonathan Mak by members of the media last week. According to the Washington Post, Mak's design may have even infringed upon the vision of a 2004 image made available at a popular Apple industry event.

Although many are hoping to avoid a contentious legal battle, the saga may provide an interesting commentary on the importance of establishing legal standing for designers hoping to protect and profit from their artistic vision.

Peter Ackerman

Peter Ackerman

Founder & CEO, Innovation Asset Group, Inc.