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States vie for satellite patent office bids

Legal advocates across Texas, Colorado and California are anxiously awaiting decisions regarding the selection of the three satellite Patent and Trademark Office locations called for in the recently passed America Invents Act.

According to Politico, more than a dozen legislators have already written proposals to the Obama administration in an attempt to attract jobs and prestige to their districts.

"By opening an office here with additional examiners and support staff, we can begin to address the backlog of patent applications and keep the technology that Austin and San Antonio are known for on the cutting edge," House Representative Lloyd Doggett told the news outlet.

After opening the PTO's first satellite office in Detroit earlier this year, the agency has narrowed down potential locations for additional offices to technology hubs within Colorado, Texas and California's Silicon Valley.

The stakes are particularly high in Colorado's struggling economy, according to the Denver Post. Supporters of a Denver office suggested that the site could directly add 100 new jobs, attract new technology companies to the area and bring new business to local law firms.

Peter Ackerman

Peter Ackerman

Founder & CEO, Innovation Asset Group, Inc.