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Silicon Roundabout calls for adjustments to UK copyright law

Citing a series of minor, yet potentially positive, issues, Silicon Roundabout, a U.K. technology community, recently urged Prime Minister David Cameron to consider some alterations outlined by a prominent professor in the country.

Ian Hargreaves reportedly sent a letter to the Coalition for a Digital Economy, the Chartered Institute for IT and Westminster that claims certain changes could be made to encourage innovation. Among these is a potential adjustment allowing the nation's Intellectual Property Office to make simple clarifying statements to allow for greater understanding of copyright law, according to Taylor Vinters.

Cameron said, last November, that he plans to reexamine current intellectual property and copyright regulations in the U.K. to ensure that the system encourages businesses to innovate and profit from their intellectual property.

While many appeared to have sweeping overhauls in mind, the opinion of Hargreaves and others in the nation show that some simple clarifications and adjustments within intellectual property laws can be equally beneficial. Within the United States, more sweeping adjustments are being discussed in the House and the Senate. However, the legislation has hit some snags recently over the disbursement of fees collected to process applications for intellectual property.

Peter Ackerman

Peter Ackerman

Founder & CEO, Innovation Asset Group, Inc.