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PBS uses IP to turn children's programming into games

PBS Kids has announced plans to leverage the intellectual property of its children's television programming catalog and debut more than 40 related educational games.

According to Digital Media Wire, the broadcast company intends to take advantage of the popularity of its TV shows to further educational progress. The free content will include a range of games from literacy-enhancing contests to mathematics skill-builders. PBS says it hopes the use of innovative technology, including mobile device integration and interactive whiteboards, will be enough to hold the attention of its younger audience.

"Our goal is to leverage the power of media to make any time a learning time for kids," PBS spokeswoman Lesli Rotenberg told the news source. "We've tapped the best children's media producers and technology developers in the country to create this collection of games that demonstrate the very best of what media can do."

By examining the value of its current IP portfolio, the organization has not only been able to expand its consumer engagement channels, it has also fostered the growth of its community.

Peter Ackerman

Peter Ackerman

Founder & CEO, Innovation Asset Group, Inc.