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Ohio college extends the reach of technology transfer resources

The technology transfer programs run by universities and research institutions around the country have been a consistent source of scientific progress and commercial prosperity over the past few decades. Now a new initiative in Northeast Ohio is looking to replicate similar successes for creative minds outside of academia.

Lorain County Community College began the school year with the debut of its Office of Community Technology Transfer (OCTT), a center specifically designed to support the inventive efforts of local citizens. OCTT experts will help community partners navigate everything from invention disclosure and competitive analysis to investor relations and product distribution. However, this valuable assistance will not necessarily be made available to each and every local hobbyist.

"The technologies that we're interested in are those that are going to be beneficial to people, either through medicine or green environmental technologies or improved communications technologies," OCTT director Russ Donda told The Plain Dealer. "Those things are of interest to investors."

Donda's interest in the initiative stems from a firm belief in the promise provided by small business innovation. In the interview with the news source, he cited the job-creating capabilities of young firms as a primary justification for increasing the availability of qualified technology transfer resources.

Peter Ackerman

Peter Ackerman

Founder & CEO, Innovation Asset Group, Inc.