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NYC Mayor Bloomberg touts innovation and centrist policies as key to economic recovery

In a speech delivered Tuesday, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg insisted that investment in innovation and centrist economic policies are key to a nationwide economic recovery.

The politically Independent-leaning mayor also argued that a system of fiscal responsibility and smarter regulation has led to the creation of 55,000 new jobs in the Big Apple since October while also spurring the development of new tech and IP-central industries, according to Fox News.

"Whether it's the small business incubators we've created in industries ranging from food service to fashion or the investments we've made in large bioscience labs," the mayor said, "we have created the conditions that incentivize private investment, encourage entrepreneurship and attract global talent."

"That is not a liberal or conservative approach to job creation, it's an effective approach," he added. "And it's an approach we need more of at the state and national level."

The recent revival of New York City's tech industry, nicknamed "Silicon Alley," has been spearheaded by web startups such as foursquare, Boxee and GroupMe, and spurred the growth of capital investment firms to help foster new innovations and intellectual assets in an IP-centered economy.

Bloomberg also highlighted six key steps toward economic recovery and job creation: instill confidence, promote trade, reform regulation, cut business taxes, invest in job training and fix immigration.

Peter Ackerman

Peter Ackerman

Founder & CEO, Innovation Asset Group, Inc.