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ISPs finalizing new copyright enforcement strategy


Digital innovators may soon have a number of powerful allies in the battle against online piracy, as several of the country's leading internet service providers and media companies take a more active role in copyright enforcement.

Private sector intervention became one of the most contentious provisions of the Stop Online Piracy Act that ultimately stalled in Congress earlier this year as a result of vocal public opposition. According to ExtremeTech, there were murmurs that ISPs would still ultimately adopt a stronger stance on copyright enforcement even after the bill fell apart. Lobbyists for the Recording Industry Association of America suggested that measures could go into effect as early as July, and emerging reports suggest that the timetable may hold up.

In a story first reported by CNET, it was learned that the ISPs, alongside film and music companies, have officially appointed a director of the new initiative. Jill Lesser, current managing director of lobbying and public policy firm Glover Park Group, will be named the executive director of the Center for Copyright Information.

In an effort to filter decisions through the perspective of the many stakeholders involved in the process, the CCI will contain an advisory board with several notable representatives from technology and digital privacy backgrounds, including Internet Education Foundation chairman and Center for Democracy and Technology founder Jerry Berman.

According to CNET, the CCI will facilitate communications between entertainment companies and ISPs to locate infringing material, restrict access to pirated content and educate consumers about the consequences of illegally downloading copyrighted materials.

Peter Ackerman

Peter Ackerman

Founder & CEO, Innovation Asset Group, Inc.