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Industry report details economic impact of U.S. copyright industries

The International Intellectual Property Alliance has released a new study detailing the impressive impact of copyright industries on the American economy.

According to the research, the U.S. industries relying most heavily on copyright protection added more than $930 billion in value to the U.S. economy last year, representing approximately 6.4 percent of the total gross domestic product. In 2010, more than 5 million Americans - or 5 percent of the total private employment sector - worked in these industries.

"The 2011 edition of our study shows once again how significantly the U.S. copyright industries contribute to U.S. jobs, wages, economic growth and international competitiveness," said IIPA spokesman Steven Metalitz. "To preserve and enhance that vibrancy, we must ensure strong legal protection for U.S. creativity, innovation and ingenuity - both here in the markets of our trading partners - in both the physical and online world."

Despite the robust contributions of publishing, software, film, music and television industries, some critics worry that copyright legislation may be overreaching. According to BusinessWeek, a number of technology sector officials suggest that legislation may be adversely affecting legitimate companies in the attempt to crack down on piracy.

Peter Ackerman

Peter Ackerman

Founder & CEO, Innovation Asset Group, Inc.