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Industry leaders disclose thoughts on future of U.S. energy innovation

At the seventh annual Creative World Forum, four prominent figures in the energy industry discussed how the U.S can forge ahead as a leader in energy innovation, while also promoting new sources such as gas, solar and biofuels.

The Forum, which launched Tuesday in Oklahoma City, featured a symposium that included George Kaiser of GBK, Boone Pickens of BP Capital, Tom Ward of Sandridge Energy and John Richels of Devon Energy.

Of principle concern, the panelists agreed, is the need for the U.S. to develop new energy policies that promote independence, investment in new innovations and infrastructural maintenance and development.

However, the energy leaders also asserted that the U.S. has led the world in energy innovation and production - a fact that many attribute to the country's entrepreneurial spirit. With new intellectual assets spreading quickly throughout the renewable energy industry, leaders such as Pickens and Kasier are calling for more investment, more creativity and more environments conducive to invention disclosure.

Pickens, an ardent supporter of alternative energy sources, asserted that recent breakthroughs in hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling has provided the U.S. with greater possibilities for independence from foreign energy.

"We are usually not viewed as a high-tech industry," said John Richels, president of Devon. "In fact, we are one of the most high-tech industries you will find, one that has been epitomized by innovative thought and creativity."

Peter Ackerman

Peter Ackerman

Founder & CEO, Innovation Asset Group, Inc.