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Expert urges academics to consider intellectual property

In a recently released interview with the Guardian, Philip Graham, executive director of the Association for University and Industry Links, detailed the myriad benefits researchers at universities throughout the world can see from aggressive intellectual property strategies.

AURIL is the largest knowledge transfer association in Europe, specializing in linking researchers with the companies capable of transitioning their research from an idea or theory to an actual product, Graham told the news provider. While research alone is a critical element of any major university, it can be of little benefit without a plan to publicize and patent the eventual result of the research.

Graham believes that AURIL's use of a non-disclosure agreement may entice more universities to take part in the program. Throughout the research phase of any project, professors and administrators often come in contact with executives from companies interested in using their IP to create new products.

In the U.K. specifically, IP rights are an especially profitable commodity, according to research from Taylor Vinters. The company recently reported IP in the nation annually generates 65 billion pounds for the nation's economy.

Peter Ackerman

Peter Ackerman

Founder & CEO, Innovation Asset Group, Inc.