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Expert: International measures against IP infringement will help profitability

The international community needs to adopt robust intellectual property protection measures to ensure the profitability of innovation in the future, according to Thomas Pattloch, IP officer for the European Union delegation in Beijing,

In a recent interview given in the lead up to the Marcus Evans IP Law European Summit, Pattloch said intellectual property protection has become a growing area of concern for many businesses.

According to Pattloch, international measures need to be taken in order to eradicate a number of growing problems, including cross-border trade of fake products and safe havens for counterfeits.

Pattloch indicated that important steps have already been taken in the direction of better international protection of intellectual assets. "As part of a mosaic effort by many countries and companies, we are creating a system of cooperation and technical assistance," he said. "Such assistance is needed to enable businesses to work in a legal and level playing field environment where they can compete under fair and non-discriminatory conditions."

Pattloch is set to be a speaker at the IP Law European Summit 2011, which will be held in Montreux, Switzerland, from April 10 through April 12.

Peter Ackerman

Peter Ackerman

Founder & CEO, Innovation Asset Group, Inc.