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Bardem speaks out against piracy

Javier Bardem spoke his mind on the issue of film piracy at the World Intellectual Property Organization's headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Bardem called for the UN to draft an international treaty against film piracy.

While actors like Bardem are well off and mostly unaffected by film piracy, most actors are severely harmed by it.

“Remuneration of actors is crucial. Not for people like me, but for those who have a problem living from what they are doing,” said Bardem.

According to, Bardem insisted that he has never illegally downloaded music or movies and compared it to walking in to a store, taking something for free and leaving.

WIPO chief Francis Gurry stated that audiovisual performers are not currently protected at the international level like musicians and authors are.

If a treaty is adopted, it could also be crucial to developing countries with strong film industries like India, according to Iain Smith, producer of "Seven Years in Tibet." If a foreign film does well and is properly compensated, a bigger budget will be available for the next picture.

The UN intellectual property agency's general assembly will meet in September to decide if they want to move forward and draft a treaty, according to Inquirer Entertainment.

Peter Ackerman

Peter Ackerman

Founder & CEO, Innovation Asset Group, Inc.