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Apple patent victory could hurt, help mobile competition

Jurors ended their deliberation late last week to deliver a verdict that many are interpreting as a resounding victory for Apple in its patent lawsuit against Samsung. The Korean mobile manufacturer has been ordered to pay Apple approximately $1.05 billion in damages after the court ruled Samsung had infringed upon iPhone design components in several of its smartphones.

The jury was convinced that Samsung infringed upon the "double-tap to zoom" feature, the overall hardware outline and several other innovations found in Apple's patent portfolio. According to CNET, Samsung's defense strategy was largely reliant on presenting prior art, but a late submission that was ultimately rejected may have been the company's undoing.

"I think this will force a reset on Android products as they are re-engineered to get around Apple's patents," Enderle Group principal analyst Rob Enderle told the BBC. "[It may also] provide a stronger opportunity for both of Microsoft's new platforms - Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 - because they come with indemnification against Apple, suddenly making them far safer."

The verdict could help Apple strengthen its grip on the mobile marketplace over the short term, according to the Washington Post, as its rivals will likely have to delay production cycles and raise prices. But with manufacturers essentially forced to go back to the drawing board and spawn new innovations, consumers could ultimately be looking at a more diversified marketplace in the not-so-distant future.ADNFCR-3832-ID-800849288-ADNFCR

Peter Ackerman

Peter Ackerman

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