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The Difference with Decipher

Increase invention output
by 300% or more


Cut IP administration
costs by up to 75%


Leverage your IP
more effectively



Evaluating the diligence of a company’s intellectual property management process can leave you paralyzed. What questions do you ask? What do you look for? Is it possible your organization wouldn’t score too well when it comes to evaluating its IP processes? Download our guide and take the first step towards leveraging your intellectual property for business success.




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Take Control of Your IP

Decipher is the intelligent choice to help streamline and simplify your intellectual property management process. If you want to do business at the speed of business, then let our software power and connect your inventors, staff and business leaders.

  • Web-based & securely maintained in the cloud
  • Completely customizable
  • Customer support services on-call

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From ideation through to commercialization you can tackle it all with Decipher.

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“We realized a 150% return on our Decipher investment, achieved through reductions in outside counsel costs, streamlined review of patents and renewals, and efficiency gains in the overall management of our patent portfolio.”
- Joe Shallenburger, General Counsel and Chief Patent Counsel, Cascade Microtech, Inc.
"Decipher is what we needed to centralize and strategically manage an IP portfolio that spans multiple companies, industries, and locations."
- Romi Bose, Associate Chief Counsel, Intellectual Property, Danaher.
decipher intellectual property 30 day free trial