Identifying and protecting your company's ideas is a lengthy and costly process.

Using emails, meetings or "hope"?

Decipher solves this
by automating your IP workflows
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Keeping track of your growing company's patents and other IP isn't easy.

Using spreadsheets or multiple databases?

Decipher solves this
by getting you centralized and organized
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The Importance of Managing Intellectual Property Assets

The real value of most companies today is in their ideas and how well they are implemented.
Innovation and the protections of intellectual property are crucial for companies to survive and thrive. 
But most companies still use spreadsheets, file folders, banker boxes, emails or poor tools to keep track.
The result? Wasted time and money. Missed opportunities. Increased risk. 

Get Your Assets In Gear.

What Is Decipher®?

Decipher is a subscription-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for intellectual property management. In one central, secure place, it connects your organization's inventors, managers and executives to critical information. 


Now decisions can be made faster and smarter.
Now you can tap into all of your hidden value at a fraction of the cost.
Now you can do business at the speed of business!



Invention Disclosure


Decipher makes it easy for engineers, scientists and others to enter their ideas and get them reviewed. For example, say you're a scientist at a biotech firm, you split a molecule and think you figured out a disease. You pop up our software, input your idea and hit submit. This does two things: It banks the idea as knowledge so that nothing slips through the cracks. And it instantly alerts people whose job is to review, rate, rank and decide whether the idea merits the pursuit of patent protection.


What you get is more innovation productivity!


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Portfolio Management


Decipher gets you organized. Imagine an easily accessible and secure inventory of all your patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. You can also see how they're used, with cross-references to products, licenses and more. Now you can know how your intellectual property is performing. Now you can know in mere mouse clicks instead of days or weeks whether you're wasting money on patents that aren't doing anything. Track expenses. Create powerful reports and charts. 


What you get is more value and reduced expenses!


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 When you select us, you'll find you don't just have a product, you have a partner - a really good one - when you need us. We are known around the world for the excellence of our services. It sets us apart.

Implementation and Training
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Data Migration and Normalization
Best Practices
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“We realized a 150% return on our Decipher investment, achieved through reductions in outside counsel costs, streamlined review of patents and renewals, and efficiency gains in the overall management of our patent portfolio.”
- Joe Shallenburger, General Counsel and Chief Patent Counsel, Cascade Microtech, Inc.
"Decipher is what we needed to centralize and strategically manage an IP portfolio that spans multiple companies, industries, and locations."
- Romi Bose, Associate Chief Counsel, Intellectual Property, Danaher.