Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. When you choose us, you are choosing a company that seriously cares about your success. We hire smart, professional, courteous people with extremely customer-centric work ethics to support you.

We've made our professional services a core part of what's exceptional about Decipher®.

Professional Adoption

Success Isn’t Rollout; It’s Adoption

We consider ourselves successful when users are happy. We’ve worked hard to make Decipher easy to get started with — and we continually improve because we listen to our customers. We excel not just by virtue of our IP expertise, but by understanding and caring about the importance of IP to your business. We make sure that Decipher seamlessly works the way you need it to — in harmony with your business and the needs of every individual user.

Built With Your Business in Mind

We have a lot of experience working with companies across diverse industries, from high tech and biotech to construction, software and more. Our professional services team will help you get started right out of the gate with the product preconfigured. If you need something more tightly tailored, we built Decipher to easily accommodate. It’s not “our way or the highway,” it’s “your way – every day.”

Professional Business
Professional Security

Security Even Defense Contractors Trust

We take your security seriously. Our hardened security measures include an active firewall with intrusion detection processes running in front of all client machines, custom monitoring and alert functions, ISO 27001 certified hosting, and a security team with the authority and tools to respond — regardless of location or time of day. Thanks to this focus on security, our systems have never been penetrated, exploited or compromised in our 10+ year history.

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