Get Actionable Insights into Patent Costs

With our Patent Cost Estimation tool, you can run patent cost forecasts on-demand. Whether you want to get the big picture or drill down to specific items, the Patent Cost Estimation tool can provide reports tailored to answer your most pressing business questions.

Patent Cost estimation with Decipher


Instantly Forecast Patent Costs Over Multiple Years

The Patent Cost Estimation tool provides reports showing future costs from official fees, attorney fees, and renewal fees over the lifetime of your patents. Automatically integrate fees to produce accurate, intuitive, and actionable reports. Fees such as:

  • International costs & exchange rates
  • Patent complexity
  • Local attorney fees

Make Informed Decisions

Get insight into the true costs of your patents at a glance, enabling you to run precise ROI analyses and make faster decisions.

  • Produce reports on individual patents or your entire portfolio
  • See costs broken down by patent, fee type, year, and end-of-life totals
  • Leverage insights to make better budgeting decisions
IAG IPforcast
IAG IPforcast

Keep Financial Data Centralized & Secure

Automatic data entry and seamless communication of cost data across the Decipher platform ensures that you'll never have to hunt around for the information you need.  

  • Centralized, secure access to all your cost & patent data from anywhere in the world
  • Unlimited users and flexible permissions mean you can get cost data to the people who need it
  • Control access to financial information

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