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Decipher® brings together inventors, reviewers and leaders to streamline intellectual property management. From invention disclosure and review to portfolio management and commitment tracking, let Decipher help you maximize the return on your intellectual property.



Decipher is an ecosystem of tools for accelerating innovation, gaining insight into your portfolio, and more effectively leveraging your intellectual assets. Take control of your IP with a unified, automated system that enables you to bring it into true alignment with your business strategy.

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DecipherIP® For NDA Management

In today’s business world, sensitive information is exchanged every day—from trade secrets to financial data. Without proper protection, your company risks losing its competitive advantage or exposing itself to costly mistakes. Nondisclosure (or confidentiality) agreements can be tedious and expensive to process—and even harder to track. Plus, when errors are made, losses can be substantial if not catastrophic. DecipherIP for NDAs empowers you to streamline the NDA process from start to finish—helping to ensure that your company’s private information is properly and accurately protected.

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